Tuesday, March 13, 2012

carl and me

so i'm reading just a brief little thing about carl jung's life -
of which i knew nothing about.

ohmygosh.....i totally wish i knew this guy.
i really would love to sit and spend days just talking to him.

and even tho i couldn't talk to him last nite, i could read about him
and what he thought. and he reminded me of my depths.

i have this feeling about my (our) depths....i just have this feeling
about them.....how they go on and on and you can get lost in them.
noah has read something about carl jung that he's joked about with
me, saying it reminds him of me. something about the guy getting
worried he'd fall so far in he wouldn't be able to get back or something like that.
i've laughed, said he sounds like my kinda guy....but left it at that.

i think last nite i was just hungry to be understood.
not surface understood, not understood with someone's head....
but understood all the way. i had come home from something hard and
just kinda isolated myself with some books. just curled in and stayed quiet.

and here was a guy who was into this whole depth thing.
and i just soaked it up. and i remembered my depths. and how there's
so much to explore there. and i felt less alone at that moment. i didn't feel
like the odd one out...i felt inspired. i felt inspired to follow those feelings
of mine. to not just set them aside. to follow a little deeper. to trust my depths
and to visit them more often.

he was even the guy who 'started' creative visualizing or awake dreaming -
the stuff i find the most healing to work with. he was all into it!

it was the coolest thing.
just the coolest thing.

i'm tuckin' ol' carl in my pocket this morning and headin' out with him.
i don't think i'm gonna go visit my depths just yet.

i think i'm gonna start with this - i'm gonna remember that i can trust myself.
and i'm gonna remember that there's a whole world inside of me there for me.

i'm just gonna walk and remember and trust.
that's where i'm gonna start.

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Susie Keeth said...

Creative visualization? Awake dreaming? Carl Jung? And You....Wanna get back to that river and dream about anything you want? Get back on the bus and go anywhere? I know some people who will keep your belly and your Soul filled along the way....