Wednesday, March 14, 2012


i found this while looking for some insight into life...
and i thought it was really good i'm sharing -

'everyone is defeated sometime. many then simply quit the fray.
but the really strong, the really committed, do not. they decide instead
whether or not the mountain is worth the climb. and if it is, no amount
of wind can force them from the face of it. they endure for the sake of
enduring. they live to finish what they began.'

that right there was helpful. but there's more!

'endurance, then, does not mean 'success.' it means being willing to cope with
what is until something else begins. it means being open to the possibility that
things will stay the way they are, perhaps indefinitely. it means that i must begin
to be open to becoming something new. then, endurance demands that i bear
what i must and be what i can.'

big big sigh.
that's one heck of a paragraph.

and yes......there's more.......

there's a lot more.......but i'll finish it off with this........

'endurance is not negation of life; it is commitment to whatever makes
life worthwhile. it is the willingness to keep on doing what must be done
because doing it is meaningful, is worthy of us, and more than equals the
struggle it takes to do it.'

all that is from joan chittister's book 'scarred by struggle, transformed by hope'

good good stuff i wanted to share today.......


Dan McGaffin said...

I can totally relate.

Merry ME said...

I'm going to have to save this post. Very good stuff.

Jack often said when I threw another "Dad" mountain at him/us ... "No hill for a climber." Now I think I know what he meant. It wasn't about the climb but the endurance.