Wednesday, March 7, 2012

cash mobs...who knew?

just found out about this.....
it's a cash mob.

and no, i never heard of that.

and i can't tell you how much this weary ol' heart needed to hear this.
seriously, i just about cried.

i've seen so many stores go out of business.
so many shops i work with come tell me of how they gotta let their
dreams go and close down.

i've been hangin' tight to my own dreams tryin' not to doubt i'll make it thru.

and seriously, 'weary' is the word on some days.

and i saw this, and i was just so taken with it.

this is charlottesville. you can see a little blip on it here.

and they tell me they're all over the place.
and gave me this link to find more about them.
you can find out with me here.

had to share! go check them out!

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