Tuesday, March 20, 2012

a double whammy woo woo

so i got a woo woo story in my mailbox this morning.
i'd share, but it's not mine to share.
so i'll just stick to the point -

there's woo woo stuff out there.

and i think i'd forgotten.

and now......what's better than a woo woo story?
how about this -
a woo woo story that involves you somehow! (without you even knowing)!

so okay...now top that......what's better than a woo woo story
that involves you somehow (without you even knowing)???

how about a woo woo story that involves you somehow (without you even knowing)
that overlaps into a struggle/loss you're feeling right now.

i do believe that's called a double whammy woo woo!!

and it did the trick.
it knocked me right into the 'ohmygosh i have no clue what it's all about' space.
that's where i am this morning.

and i'm definitely in a space i can be knocked around a bit.
what's cool is the areas i'm fallin in just now and yesterday.
i like this spot.

yesterday i fell into gratitude.
i actively opened a space for it, and then i fell in.
and i was so glad.

but it's that kinda time right now....wobbly...i fell out again.

noticed the fallin' out, i went to center myself.

interesting side note...twice now, two days in a row to center myself,
i worked around sinks! first nite i cleaned under my kitchen sink and
changed my water filter thing. last nite my son and i replaced my bathroom sink.

sinks and centering.
i'm curious about that.
but it did the trick both times.

and then i woke up to the woo woo story.

i'm headin' out for a walk and gonna make a space for mystery.
gonna make a space for not having to have the answers.
gonna make a space for gratitude and mystery.

cause it's not every day you get a double whammy woo woo, ya know?


AkasaWolfSong said...

It's all about our internal plumbin', isn't it Darlin'?

Still holdin' ya Sister!!!

terri said...

akasa! i so laughed!
yes! that's a good way to put it!!!