Friday, March 23, 2012

more reminders

i've been watching him.
he's getting happier and happier.

and as i watch i get filled with this feeling that's this great huge light joy
mixed in with some kinda gratitude that's so deep it's a prayer of the
holiest sort.

i've been watching and feeling and having no words to articulate it.

and then i watched her.
i have never ever seen her so happy.
and what was nice was it wasn't about a guy.
i mean, all that's well and good and wonderful....
but to see her so happy about stuff going on inside herself -
not based on anyone else - just herself -
to see her happier than i ever had.......
well....again.....the feeling of the light joy/deep gratitude/holy of holy stuff.

sometimes people can get me down.
humanity can make me so sad.

and then......times like this when i get a double dose of being truly happy that
people i love are finding things inside themselves.......i'm reminded of the
stars inside us.

i'm reminded of the beauty, light, and brilliance of being human.
and my gosh, i think i needed the reminder.

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