Friday, March 9, 2012

offer and move on.....

it was one of those weird by chance exchanges on facebook.

she came thru and gave me a heartfelt thanks about something.
i was blue. her heart in the note came thru the blueness and i commented
back and told her so.she had helped me. she commented that she was hesitant
to reach out because she's afraid of getting her hand slapped.

and that started the thoughts.......

i had a whole bag of stuff i was blue about. but several of the big ones
had the theme of not only getting my hand slapped, but also my heart kicked from
reaching out.

i hadn't put it in that light. those words. that angle.

but when i did, i really saw it.
and i saw what her reaching out had done for me.
and i knew, without a doubt the importance of reaching out.
thing is.....sometimes you are gonna get your heart kicked.
just the nature of the game.

and i'd like to say 'well, don't reach out in those places.'
but i don't think that's a right thing to say.
i think you have to try to reach out into all kindsa places.
even the dangerous ones.
cause you never know when it will make a difference.
you can't tell.
there's too many strings you don't know about.

but i could say - when you get a kick in the heart, then go
another way. don't stand there wallowin' about the kick.
know it's part of the deal.

well, yeah, okay.......we're human.
wallow a little bit.

but then, move on and reach out where the reaching out CAN make
a difference.

and my gosh, i thought it, and then i did it yesterday.

i actually did it. consciously.
i stopped wallowing about some unhealthy stuff, and turned
to some healthy stuff and reached out again.

and it was the most beautiful thing.
just like reaching out can be!

and i a difference.
some people want to hold your heart and lean on your heart.
others want to control your heart and own it. or mess with it.
or just completely use it.

wouldn't it be so cool to understand this.
really, really understand this.
just real simply accept it?

and offer your heart. just offer it.
and then when the unhealthy interactions come, move on.
just plain ol' move on to where the healthy interactions are.

and just keep going thru life that way?

yeah, i know. it's prolly not that easy.
but it changed my direction yesterday.
and i'm definitely gonna keep my eye on it.....


Sorrow said...

Here is a perspective stopper,
I didn't know you were capable of NOT reaching out.
It never entered my mind that you could hesitate, ever.
You have always made it look effortless.
Isn't that a thought?

( and only for you would I go thru the nightmare that google puts me thru to leave a dang comment)

terri said...

sorrow! not sure what google's putting you thru!!! sorry about that!

and ohmygosh, are you kidding me? a whole lot...a whole whole lot of times i'm pushing myself to reach out. wow.....who knew what it looked like?? :)

Dan McGaffin said...

I must say I agreed with Sorrow there.

Anyway, I know how you feel Terri about the fear of the hand slap and the heart kick. I've reached out to a few new people in the last few months (you among them). Reached out more in a getting to know you way then hey let me help you way (though that has been part of it) and I'm three for four. And while that one kick hurt, the other three, while not making up for it, sure made me glad I had taken the chance.