Thursday, March 1, 2012

part two

i haven't had enough time to sit down and re-figure out the 'to have or to be' stuff.
(see post below)

i did dig up some good stuff outta the book tho...
and it's got me hoppin' up and down with excitement.

he describes the two modes -

'In the having mode of existence my relationship to the world is one of possessing
and owning, one in which I want to make everybody and everything, including
myself, my property.'

okay then the being mode one gets more complicated. rather than type out the
whole darn book, i grabbed this - '  I shall mention one crucial point: the concept
of process, activity, and movement as an element in being.'

...'being implies change, i.e., that being is becoming...'

okay, then this example from  the book along with the love example in the post
below help -

he uses learning  as an example -

'Students in the having mode have but one aim: to hold onto what they 'learned,'
either by entrusting it firmly to their memories or by carefully guarding their notes.
They do not have to produce or create something new......'

being mode of learning -

"they listen with interest, hear what the lecturer says, and spontaneously come to life
in response to what they hear. They do not simply acquire knowledge that they
can take home and memorize. Each student has been affected and has changed: each
is different  after the lecture than he or she was before it.'

okay, so all that will be runnin' thru my head today. and i'm pretty
tickled with it all over again. that's the great thing about forgetting concepts,
they're always new!

and then!

....i found towards the end of the book a list of qualities for a 'new man.'
okay, so maybe he needed a little help with his pronouns there, cause this
woman sure likes the list!

here's a few from the list that totally lit my fire!

- willingness to give up all forms of having, in order to fully be.
(are you kidding me?!! can you even just imagine?!)

-shedding one's narcissism and accepting the tragic limitations inherent
in human existence. (i gotta think about that one...seems major helpful)

-making the full growth of oneself and of one's fellow beings the supreme
goal of living. (*thud* i just fell over)

-developing one's imagination, not as an escape from intolerable circumstances
but as the anticipation of real possibilities, as a means to do away with
intolerable circumstances. (woe)

-knowing that evil and destructiveness are necessary consequences of failure
to grow. (woe again)

those are just some from the list.......those are ones that just hit me so good.

so there's a little more food for thought on this kooky road we're travelin'......

can you imagine if we could put this all together, have it not only make perfect
sense, but have it seep to our bones and live it?!

stuff to think about!

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