Monday, March 5, 2012

sharing brigitte

i can do good know, roll along really well even when
there's hard stuff goin' on. but then.....i trip. yeah.

that tripping thing i happens a lot.

so i had tripped and as i was sittin' on the floor thinking 'darn, i tripped'
i saw brigitte had posted her blog on my wall. i went over to read it,
and wouldn't you was JUST what i needed.

talk about perfect timing.

and it really feels like a reminder we all need......
so i wanted to share it with you.
and if you haven't met brigitte yet, you'll love her.
she has a total heart of gold. she's gentle and kind and loving.
go check out the wisdom she has to offer.


Merry ME said...

There you go again, Ter, shining that big ol' light of love and hope again. Bravo!

terri said...

thanks, mar, but i didn't do anything. truly. i just get to witness a lotta cool stuff!!

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

I totally agree! If it wasn't for your "big ol' light of love and hope" my post - and my turnaround - would never have happened.

Thank you so much for this, Terri. As Noah would say, you're too kind :)))

I am SUPER touched by this and, believe it or not, it came at exactly the right time for me!!! The second-guessing demons have a way of coming out of nowhere... but you banished them with your post. My, you're powerful ;) Now, you can add banishing demons to your list of strengths ;););)

terri said...

smilin' at ya, woman. i'll add that to my list when i can get that down for myself!! one of these days!! so glad it was good timing for you as well!