Tuesday, April 3, 2012


and so it dawned on me as i typed a note this morning.
terri, darn it, you're doin' it again.

you're doin' it again. you're doin' it again.

you're not accepting life the way it is.
you want it different and so you're being sad about it.

oh for pete's sakes terri.

haven't i learned anything in this crazy journey??

i never woulda written the life script the way it went, but the thing is,
i never woulda seen all the stuff i could learn from it that way.
it's OKAY it goes the way it goes. actually, it's better than okay.

you gotta trust that.
or spent a whole lotta energy fighting something that you can't change.

oh yeah.

and so i remembered again.
and gonna work on settling down and knowing it's okay.



Anonymous said...

I Shall send you my Rose colored shades and all will be right...

Zenchick said...

does this acceptance perhaps include....accepting that we forget to accept, over and over? and that the important thing is the rememembering?
Seems to me it may not do as much good if you beat up on yourself for not accepting :-)