Monday, April 2, 2012

pacing myself...

my strength is coming back so much slower than i want it to.
normally, i think i'd just be crazed with the amount of work i've fallen
behind with. but that's not the case this time. 
this time, i'm just so anxious to be strong and healthy and grab my life back.
i want to live it filled with beauty and love and strength.
not coughing, needing a nap and pacing myself!

ah, patience, ms. ter. 
at least you know it's coming back. 
at least you have stuff to look forward to.

that's no 'least' of a thing, is it?

and awareness.
be aware of what there is to hold at this stage as well...

1 comment:

Dan McGaffin said...

Maybe some pepsi would help. Glad you're getting better Terri.