Monday, April 2, 2012

a little fuzzy but still there....

i was driving, thinking, talking to myself, and trying to sort.
i had come upon the 'seeing other people' part of the threads.

i didn't know WHY it was so important to see other people, i just knew it was.
so i left the why, took it as true and kept goin' with the train of thought.

when we met up, i probably wouldn't have even brought it up, but my son
led right into the topic. and so i asked them. would they help me with the why part?

so we tossed it about a bit. and came up with something like this -
the more you see, the more you experience. the more present and open and aware
you can be.

we said it a lot wordier, but when it was finally said, we all kinda nodded.
yeah, that seemed right. i didn't come up with it at all. i just did the nodding.
but it made sense to me.

there's all these dimensions to everything we're experiencing. and i think there's
so much that we just miss, that we won't see. i think that's part of being human.
but then there's so much more that can be missed and unseen if we're self absorbed
and just filtering thru our own little lenses. we miss so much with our own self
absorbed stuff.

yeah, that makes sense to me.

and seeing other people - what they're going thru, what their dreams are,
what their hurts matters. it makes us able to live more fully.
i think that's it.

tying into that just as a side note to someone who might need this side note -
looking for approval from people who can't look beyond themselves isn't gonna work.
you may get approval when you do something that makes that person feel good,
but that would be why you get it. not because of who you are.

so if we're all trying to see better, it would also include seeing ourselves.
getting our own approval from ourselves because we can see ourselves.
looking for it from someone who can't see is is pretty much doin' the same 'not-seeing'
as they are.
if that made any sense at all.  my brain is still not as clear as i'd like it to be.
but for my fuzzy little head this morning, it works. and i like the thought. so thought
i'd try to share...

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Susie Keeth said...

That made perfect sense to me Ter. What's that say about my simple little bear brain? I think your brain is not as fuzzy as it feels.