Thursday, April 19, 2012


browsing thru 'conversations with god' this morning and nodding.
oh yeah, i remember that. oh yeah that's a great thought.

ohmygosh, i think it's time to pick up this book again!

i was going to offer one little tidbit here and just couldn't pick.

i realized how much i had just been forgetting or ignoring or letting slide.
not sure how long i've been doing that. but i sure could see it has been happening.

and then i smiled.
it's such a darn cycle.

get thru something hard.
fall apart.
shut down.
close up.
open again.
remember all you forgot.
try to soak up all that stuff again.
grow a little bit.
and then repeat.

for pete's sake.

good news is i'm in the 'soak up all that stuff again' spot.
ahhhhhhh cycles.
the stuff of life.


Camille Olivia said...

okay. there really must be some kinda freakish sync thang goin' on here. because it's been a while since i read your (or anyone elses) stuff. been in a funk of my own. until just a couple of days ago. then, today, i got this thing from the Universe (Mike Dooley, actually) about a reading list. i'd been talking about reading 'conversations...' for a long time. but never did. today, i ordered it from the library. then i came here. and there it is. SHEESH! do you know how much YOU matter?

terri said...

don't you love it when that happens?! glad to hear the funk has lifted!

Suzanne said...

Terri, I seem to have been in the fall apart/shut down/close up stage this week, and thank you for reminding me that this is a cycle. Not that I'm wishing unhappiness on anyone, but it does help to know that other people experience the same thing and that if you are gentle with yourself at those times, the creative energy will be back. And I'm glad you're in a really good place again. : )

terri said...

ah, suzanne...that part of the cycle sucks, doesn't it?! i know it well! hang on in there for the easier part to come around! and yeah, i'm pretty glad i'm feelin' better too!

cams, tdon't you love it when that happens?! :)