Wednesday, April 18, 2012

the sky!

ohmygosh! the sky! the sky! the sky was soooooo incredible this morning!

and what's funny is it was an OVERCAST morning!
but it was the BEST kinda overcast you can ever get.
the kind where you can really see all the layers of gray clouds.
and it felt you could touch it and be part of it.

i walked and gasped and soaked it in.

i felt like it was a direct reflection of what has been inside of me the last month.
the layers and layers of gray.
the patch over there of really dark stuff.
the little tiny bit of light over there.

i had to keep glancing down to make sure i didn't walk into anything!
i was so darn captivated.
falling over a trashcan didn't seem outta the question this morning!

and then! i took a turn and could see the sky kinda turnin' pinkish.
but it wasn't really pretty. it almost hurt. the color actually felt a little painful.
it was like turning from the gray to the light.
it was almost a bruise color.
i thought that was cool.
it was good to start turning color besides the gray....but it wasn't immediately beautiful.

how cool is that?!

and then! there was the sunrise part.......wasn't brilliant colors....
but they were filled with light and hope and that kinda thing.
another gasp!

the sky was just sayin' 'here, look, this is your insides.'
and i was completely taken with how vast (gosh, i love that word....'vast'...
that's a great word) - it was so vast and changing and full.

and then! the sky turned to this deep kinda unusual blue.

deep and full and beautiful.

i just about cried.

thought i'd put a reminder out here for those who might need one like i did -

allow yourself the changes inside.
you are deep and full and beautiful......
and vast.
don't forget the vast.


Dan McGaffin said...

I love that you brought up the sky. It got me thinking to the other day when it was cloudy here. And it made me remember seeing the cloudy sky and the sun breaking a hole through some clouds to light the ground. And it got me to thinking that maybe hope is kind of like that. A light surrounded by shadow or something. Thanks for sharing your cloudy sky Terri.

Anonymous said...

Terri, Wonderful blog! Never fear, you are always open to the light!

terri said...

thanks, you guys! and dan, i'm with ya on the hope stuff.... :)

AkasaWolfSong said...

I needed to hear this just now Ter...I've had one hell of a morning, but am now walking back into balance and this sharing really helped. Oh Yeah!

(((Big Hugs)))

terri said...

akasa! glad it's getting better...holler if you need an ear.....

Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

Been in one heck of a dark hole here this week and reading your post reminded me that it's not all dark and that the dark parts are manageable if I just remember that they are only "parts" and not the whole. Thanks, Ter, for always talking to the me that lies deep inside. Your words always seem to hit that soft spot inside that sometimes just needs to be acknowledged.