Tuesday, April 17, 2012

it's both

i was working with the bone sighs yesterday and found this bone sigh.
it stopped me, kinda grabbed me, and i posted it on the bone sigh arts facebook page.

taking you past wall after wall,
carrying you beyond the protections
and the hiding places,
it washes you into the open -
to the space of healing and love.
it's a river you must dare to ride
if you ever really want to live.
it begins with a tear,
your tasting of its salt,
and your trusting another to taste that salt with you.

the part that really got me was the last line -
your trusting another to taste that salt with you.

we need others, don't we?
we need to let them in.

you'd think we'd just know that and do that.
but it's the darn protecting and walls and shutting out that comes
naturally. at least to me.

i get how we need to do that too. protect ourselves.
but it's both.

don't just get lost in the protecting.
don't forget to share your tears.


Dan McGaffin said...

Trust can be a hard thing (as you well know). But yeah, it really helps to have someone to share that load. Help you carry that burden.

terri said...