Sunday, April 29, 2012

need your help....

this is a real life thing happening to a beautiful family.
they need our help. it's just a petition signing. takes only a second.
stop on totally matters


Sorrow said...

have signed it
and sent the link on..
it's one of the reasons I get so angry..
it's not about justice, it's about racism, it's about all manner of things
but it's not about whats right for that little girl.

Susie Keeth said...

Ter, Thank you so much for putting this out there so that people can help. My hope is that we can get so much positive energy of Love and compassion going in the Universe that there is a major shift in the minds of the few who made this crazy decision. This is purely about politics and disdain for the system that screwed this little girl's case/life up from the very beginning. It has nothing to do with what is in her best interests, which is to be with the only family she has ever known.... where she has flourished and learned that she can trust the adults in her life to do what is right for her. She is almost four years old and if we allow that trust to be broken now and throw her into a situation where she knows noone and can't even communicate with them because they don't speak English and she doesn't speak Spanish.... well we might as well write the rest of the nightmare of her life now. We all know too well how the rest will be written.
So I am very grateful for you Ter and you too, May May. Thank you.

Paula said...