Tuesday, April 24, 2012

nightmares and mantras

had a nightmare last nite.
while i really don't enjoy those, my goodness they can carry powerful messages, can't they?

it's a simple one, but way important.
so thought i'd toss it up here today -

part of my past is keeping me prisoner.

it was that simple.

this morning i thought about it a bit.

and this came as well -  i don't have to give up the things that i value.
what i have to give up is that part itself. then i keep the things that i value.

which maybe sounds like a no brainer.
but somehow this morning it feels important.

i think it's real easy to get confused on that and let that part take us prisoner,
and take what we value with it.

so that was the dream.
leaving me with the big question -
how do i release myself?

perhaps seeing the control it has is a great start.
maybe seeing the damage it's doing.

and maybe a mantra.

i used to joke about those things.....not even sure what the exact definition is.
but i've used 'em....or my version anyway......over and over again. and they help refocus me.

i don't think it should really contain anything about what i'm trying to leave out of my life.
i think what it should contain is what i want to stay in my life.......

something like.......i concentrate on the things i love and grow stronger every day.

something like that.
think maybe it's time for one.

1 comment:

AkasaWolfSong said...

It's a great mantra Sister Soul...and I think every bone sigh you write is one too and why we all are so drawn to them. :)

I'm just sayin'!!!

Love Ya!