Monday, April 23, 2012

a totally honest reaction

it was one of my favorite moments.
we were gathered around having dinner.
i was standing up, putting something on the table, joking around.
i went to my almost step-son for support.
as my own sons were pickin' on me.

commented on how HE knew i was easy going.

and that's when it happened.
totally without trying.
just naturally.

he reacted to the idea of me being easy going.

it was something between a snort, a laugh, and a choke.

it was too funny.
i laughed pretty hard as i tried to show my shock.

it's the oddest thing.
i keep thinking i'm easy going.
and i keep getting feedback that i'm anything but!

i remember the first time i ever casually mentioned it.
to a girlfriend. just casually saying something about my
easy going nature.

the look on her face stunned me.

i am so laughing here.

apparently i have the wrong definition of easy going.

i think of it as pleasant, easy to be with, not pushy.

they're telling me that maybe it's more than that and maybe i don't quite
have the other parts......the laid back, whatever man, kinda thing.



maybe not.

and yeah, my almost step son has seen some firm, pushin' hard,
kinda stuff outta me. definitely not what they'd call easy going.

it was my favorite moment of the nite.
cause that reaction of was true and it was honest.
and it was so funny.

and it made me think of what he and i had been thru.
and the love we were feeling then towards each other.
it didn't have to be this way.
it's a touch of grace in a crazy world.

and something about his snort made me appreciate it all the more.

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