Monday, April 23, 2012

river moments

it was his birthday celebration that landed us all sitting on a log together
by the river.

looking down, i saw these two bricks that had been mortared together,
and with some water wear, they had begun to look like a heart.

look! a heart!

it can be a heart altar!

and so the ceremony began.
completely spontaneous.

laying the heart altar in front of him where the water could swish around it,
we began putting things on it. there were some pretty rocks, some seaweed,
and a snail shell by the time we were done.

giving a theme to each item, and then giving an item to each person,
we took turns talking about the theme.

there was the wisdom rock for the birthday wisdom he would share.
there was nature, yin yang, pain, dreams, patience.
and each person actually shared a real thought.

i grinned as i listened.
what a journey it's been that while there was joking and teasing about
the whole heart altar/ceremony deal, everyone still participated from
the heart.

go figure.

i thought of what my guy had talked to me about recently.
how we all come and go so quickly, that that really isn't what it's about -
that it's about the connections, the love...those moments that we share.

this was one of them.
there was so much history between us all. so much life traveling.
sharing all that was really what made it possible for the crazy river ceremony
to happen.

 all those moments made this moment.

moments. connections. love. growing. sharing.

i sat by the river with these guys and held on to that little bubble of a moment.
cherishing it. and then letting go to head off to the next.....

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