Wednesday, May 23, 2012

an email thought

funny all the different topics that come thru my email box......
i should prolly start doin' a blog on an email topic i get every day!
there's so many good ones.

this morning i was just talking with someone about offering their creations to the world.
and i really got goin'. it's a topic that means a lot to me.

i have learned so much thru this crazy walk with bone sighs.
i truly didn't start it to learn anything, to grow, or to offer myself.
i started it to try to make some money to raise my kids.
that was it. nothing more.

what i've gotten out of it all is so life altering i'll never ever be the same.

and one of the gifts i've been given is watching what happens when you
offer your heart.

it's not just my heart.
i believe it's the same for every single one of us.
cause that's another thing i've gotten out of this ride - our hearts are all the same.
all the outside stuff is different, all the stories, all the baggage, all the stuff.......
that's all got its own flavors.

but our hearts.......those are the same.

and when we truly offer them, there's some magic in it.

i'm not sure how to break it down so i can figure out the magic exactly.
not sure i'll ever know.
i guess that's why it's magic.
it's there, but unexplainable.

but when we offer our hearts, another person can hear, can open, can be moved.
another heart can feel courage and be inspired to open their own hearts. and then
there's this amazing flow because of that. magic happens.

and then! throw in some of the stories we have! ohmygosh......i have seen some
truly courageous women come thru bone sighs who have gut wrenching stories
and who carry shame and so many deep wounds.....and STILL offer their hearts
out to the world. i've seen it in their art, their blogs, their notes.

and i know that there are no words for what that gives other people who have
been thru similar horrors and now don't feel so alone.

and maybe.....maybe......the most important part of the whole deal is just
offering your heart to let someone else hold it in their hands.

and yeah.....that's prolly the scariest part of it all.....
but i think that right there is where the magic is born.

i don't think i would have believed all this stuff if it wasn't for bone sighs.
but i'm a believer now.
a big believer.
and always always want to encourage people to go for it.......
cause the world needs the light.
your light.
the world so so needs that.


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I love your big open beautiful heart! xo