Thursday, May 10, 2012

hey you!

i'm one lucky little duck.

and i'm gonna hold on to that and remember that.
at least for a little bit.

til i forget and need reminding again.

and then, somehow, the reminders come trickling back in.
or maybe flooding back in as they have been lately for me.

reminder after reminder has been coming in sayin' 'hey! you!
forgetful one! you over there! yeah, you! you're filled with
strength and beauty and love. yeah. you! hold that. dance with that.
and carry that with you.'

that's a pretty awesome thing.

being filled with strength and beauty and love......

thanking everyone who helped me remember.....
everyone and that special flow of the life that somehow helped
it flow right to me when i needed it.

anyone else out there need that reminder?!

i've been getting it a lot.....
figure maybe i can share it with you.

you are filled with strength and beauty and love.

you are too.

how cool is that?!

1 comment:

alix said...


thank you! I needed reminding too!