Wednesday, May 9, 2012

super sonic green and somber gray

as i walked this morning, i was looking down and just lost in thought, i guess.
when all of a sudden, i realized i was looking at some strikingly vibrant green colors
in the weeds i was walking by.

those things are super sonic green!

i started looking at all the green around me.
the color was just buzzin' with energy everywhere i looked.

and then - i looked up at the sky.

gray as gray could be.


you got this buzzy vibrant super sonic life force color just burstin' shouting out
that it's alive and wants to live....and you got this gray somber sky whispering
of the difficulties of that living.


i was just so taken with the contrast.

talk about what life feels like sometimes.........
and then as i continued to walk, the humid air kinda took hold of me.
it started to feel pretty darn sticky and oppressive.

this is so cool, i thought.
it's like i'm walking around in a whole big ol' model of what emotions are like.

and the things change just like our emotions do.

i thought of the sky and how it'd change from gray to blue and how the green would
change from super sonic to deeper green to lighter green. the blue sky would change
to black and back to blue and throw in a purple or a pink or an orange and the green
might change brown.

and yeah, the colors all really did go thru my head.

the air would change to crisp and invigorating to dry and still and way oppressive
to light and breezy.

and yeah, i really did run thru all this in my head.

and i thought of my emotions. our emotions.
and some things my friends are going thru right now.
some things i am going thru right now.
i ran thru some of the emotions i had witnessed this week around me and in me.

i felt the sticky sweat and looked at the vibrant green........

what an amazing mix living is.

and each day things change. each day we change.
if we're wondering if we'll ever feel good again, look out the window......
and is constantly changing.
mixing the super sonic with the somber.......
swirling it all around for us and daring us to take a ride.

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