Wednesday, May 9, 2012

yesterday's follow up

had to share........
if you read yesterday's blog about me making up a new happier more fun story
in my head about someone who i haven't been feelin' good about......

well! i saw results in less than 24 hours!


when i delightedly told my guy about this, i could hear the ol' skepticism
coming out as he asked my why i thought i just had the best interaction
with this person i've had in ages.

and my answer that just tumbled outta me, tickled me -

i have no idea why it happened.
i just know it happened when i tried this fun positive thing.
if i start trying to put a reason i understand on it, it turns trite,
and ends up messing me up. so i'm going to work on not putting
answers on things and just doing things as they feel right to do.

ohmygosh........did i say that?!

it just tumbled out.

i could feel the grin on his face right thru the phone.

and i could feel the grin on my face right to my heart.

it was awesome cool, i have no idea what happened except that i
changed something from a negative to a positive inside myself.

seems like a plan worth trying a bit.......

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Sherry said...

Awesomeness! :)