Tuesday, May 8, 2012

if i'm makin it up anyway...

i had a fun thought yesterday -

it was pretty much this - if i'm gonna make up stories in my head,
why don't i make them into good ones?!

that was it.

it came about this way.
there's someone who's just on the edges of my life who i don't think likes me.
so every interaction or non-interaction between us, in my head, gets read
thru the lenses of she doesn't like me.

and that fuels ick.
cause then i get defensive or negative or just icky.

so yesterday it occurred to me.....
i'm makin' it all up anyway.
i don't know a thing.
i've never talked to her about it, never asked her about it.
i just get the feeling.

so what if i operated on a completely different story line.
that she likes me just fine.
if she turns her head and doesn't talk to me and walks away,
why don't i go with something like 'oh, man, she was so busy,
she couldn't talk to me and i know she feels terrible cause she
loves to talk with me. i'll send her some love cause she missed out
on us sharing and i'll be sure to smile and be warm and friendly
next time i see her.'

i just laughed out loud when i thought of it.

cause, yeah, i know it's not true.

but the thing is, all the other stuff i make up isn't true either.

so what the heck.

and it's a safe enough place i can try it. it's far enough away, it doesn't
matter, and close enough that i can experiment with it and see what

if nothing else, it's the first time i've had a genuine good positive laugh
with her in a thought probably ever.

worth a shot.....

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Susie Keeth said...

Thought creates form. The struggle comes with the emotions that we attach to those thoughts. Really.... at any moment, we can choose to feel differently about someone or something and if we practice those thoughts with the emotions that we want to feel with them, after a while we will find them manifested in reality. We can create our own realities if we are patient and I'll bet that if you do this in regard to your friend... you will discover that she really likes you, but perhaps she has been thinking that you don't like her and her thoughts direct her behaviors. It's definitely worth a shot, right?