Monday, May 7, 2012

oh yeah.....

the thought isn't new.
but i so needed it to pop back in.
i had forgotten it.

i really need a reminder book i can read every morning/nite to keep me straight...

this morning's thought is this -

be clear about  your intentions, follow thru on them, and leave it at that.

oh so simple.

and like most things simple, i forget them and complicate them and drive
myself crazy.

i think the last thing in a series of things just happened on my walk.
so i finally got tipped into remembering.

ohhhhhhhh yeah.

 i guess i need to start with the intention part.
be clear on your intention.
that part.

i think, for me, the intentions that are healthiest are when i'm not looking
for something back. those are intentions i can really work with.

so i want to watch that part.

so if i want to reach out and be nice to show someone i care, or something
like that....i need to know i'm doing that because i want to. not because i need
something in return.

so whatever i get back.....anything from no response, to a great response to
a totally negative response......that's not what i'm doing it for.

now, i guess you gotta kinda gauge what's goin' on from those responses. but when
you're doin' it from a place of not needing anything in particular, it's way cool
and you can see so much better.

what's funny to me is i was consciously doing this in some areas of my life.
totally aware of that thought process. asked myself why i was doing something,
saw i needed nothing back, and followed thru.

so i DID remember.

ahhhhhhhhh but that was a place where i had very little attachment.



that's a big zen no-no word. you don't want to be attached.
and yeah, i can see why.
the places i forgot, i was attached.
attached to different things.....sometimes to wanting something from the people,
sometimes to how i'm being seen, sometimes to being affirmed, attached to some outcome.

and you sucked every single time i was attached.

i figure this many moments like that in a row is probably a good time to get the lesson.

and it's such a relief of a thought.

release the attachment.
do what you're doing for your own reasons.
follow thru.
and let it go.

i'm gonna set to work on that right away today.
think it can be really helpful........

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