Friday, May 4, 2012

it's time to play!

speaking of inner children!
(see post below)

my power company is having a scavenger hunt!
oh yes!

when i got the notice, i printed out the details.
pages of them.
and i went to the guys!

'you get to go to all kindsa parks AND you get to find out about the
history of the power company in the process!'

'it's a win win!' i exclaimed laughing!

what it is tho, is an excuse for me to play.
and i have not played in over a month.

it's time.

it's essential.

i think we forget.
or we don't really know.

i know.
i just couldn't yet.
but now i can.

i have the whole month of may.
how perfect....birthday month is also scavenger hunt month!

it's time to play!

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