Thursday, May 3, 2012

white trees

it was a year (or two??) ago that i wrote 'her white tree.'

i posted the story here because it was based on such a powerful and exciting
visual for myself.

the idea was that we all had a white tree inside of us.
we had started with it.
and it got hurt along the way.
and even if there was little more than something barely visible under the ashes,
we could still grow it into the beautiful tree we had started with.

the quote that came from the visual is this -

her white tree

a tree of life.
a tree of knowledge.
a tree of soul.
a tree of goodness.
a tree of her.
it was her core.
and carved in.
it was still there.
It was still there!
pushing the ashes out of the way,
making room for sunlight
and water -
she nurtured it back to fullness,
she nurtured it back to life.
and she and her tree
held the sky and its moon
and together, they danced
and together, they grew.

the other day, the quote of the day came up.
it was the quote i had written for my holiday card last year.
i smiled.

it seemed like the companion piece to 'her white tree.'
and it's been on my mind ever since.

white in the dark

a white tree sparkled in the darkness,
having grown into its own beauty.
reaching for the stars,
yet somehow already filled with them,
its branches echoed with the song of the holy.

both these quotes have been on my mind the last few days.
rather than put my own ramblings out here,
i thought i'd put the quotes and maybe get you off on your own ramblings.

we have so much inside of us.
i hope you can see some of that beauty inside you today.

1 comment:

Sandra L. said...

That is incredibly beautiful!
I hope my white tree can continue to grow. Right now it's kind of hiding.