Monday, June 11, 2012

here he is again.....

i read this last nite and knew this was all i needed to put in my blog.......
again, from mark nepo's 'facing the lion, being the lion.'

"Oddly, disappointment is defined by whether what happens is close
or not to what we expect. We hear ourselves uttering, "That was disappointing"
as opposed to "That was a surprise." Here, the inner obstacle is really our
quick and endless dowry of expectations, which we create and then feel
entitled to. As fast as we can think, we create pictures of what we want and
where we want to be and how we want to be seen, then hold them out ahead
of us as some strange form of gold we must have. Expecting life to conform to
these images is a perversion of having a goal. It often prevents us from seeing
what life freshly brings us.

Failure, it seems, is disappointment allowed to root within one's self-esteem.
Yet after falling down enough, after having things pass through our hands
repeatedly, after having so many of life's blessings arrive from beyond the range
of all our schemes and plans, it seems odd to define success of failure by whether
we get what we want or how close we land to where we aim. Quite the contrary,
failure would seem to be the limitations that cap our possibilities if we get only
what we want and if we touch only what we aim for."

my gosh, there's some golden lines in here!

this has touched on so many things i've been dealing with lately......
i read it, my eyes went wide,  and i just kinda held it.
hoping it makes your eyes go wide as well.


Brigitte / La de Ojos Azules said...

I know you must have stated it somewhere, but can you remind me what book this is from? It definitely made my eyes go WIDE!

terri said...

sure, brigitte - 'facing the lion, being the lion'