Friday, June 8, 2012

these moments here

okay, there ARE moments i'm definitely gonna miss when these guys leave...

this morning i was JUST walkin' by noah's room as he was opening the door.

quick as a jackrabbit, i hopped outta site and hid so i could scare him when
he came out.

i was right around the corner of his door.

i stood there still as still could be with my breath held in.
he was taking too long to come out.
maybe he just opened the door then was doing something in there.

slowly....slowly....i moved my head, stretching my neck to peek around the corner.

slowly....slowly....noah was moving his head, stretching his neck to peek around the corner.

like two slow motion turtles our faces met.

i burst out laughing!

and threw up my arms in frustration.

how did you know?!!

he pointed to the big ol' shadow on the wall in front of his door.

there, big as life, was my shadow......


these are the moments i'm gonna just so miss.

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