Thursday, June 14, 2012

me and reagan!

whoever thought i'd be talkin' like ronald reagan?!!

but this morning all i gotta say is - "TEAR DOWN THIS WALL"

oh yes!

it's a gorgeous day out, and we're snaggin' it to do the final project
(well, not the final project....but the final project of the list of projects
we just got ourselves into)!!

i could use some outside time and some physical movin' around stuff.
and i sure could use the wall........

it's one of three outside walls on my studio that need to be replaced.
i figure if we do them one at a time - one a season or something -
it'd be easier all around.

maybe i'll learn so much this go around i can do the others on my own!!
okay......prolly not........but i'm gonna soak in all i can.

i've been gettin' a bit discouraged all over again with project stuff -
my gosh, you need muscles for a whole lot of 'em.....and with life stuff -
my gosh, you need heart muscles for a whole lot of that stuff too!

and i keep thinking of what that guy said that i posted in here a few posts
down......about thinking of disappointments differently.

not as 'that was disappointing' but more as 'that was a surprise.'

well....i haven't gotten the hang of it down yet.
cause about all i've got so far is tired of the word 'surprised' and not
wanting to be 'surprised' anymore!'

laughing here......

ah.......concepts......they're more than just word games aren't they??

it'd be easier if they were word games.

tearing down a wall sounds real good about now.............

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