Tuesday, June 12, 2012

my morning laugh

i thought this was funny and wanted to share my morning laugh.

a friend i've known since JUNIOR HIGH school days dropped me
an email. he had met a young russian woman who reminded him of me
from back in our youth.

he told me she looked just like me.
and then later, he sent me a picture of her.

she's absolutely adorable.

how cool, right?
what could be more flattering?
well........i guess if he saw an adorable woman who reminded him
of me NOW.....that could be more flattering......
but hey, this was good enough.

so i wrote him, commenting that she was adorable and i felt complimented.

he wrote back and said she was adorable and a bit goofy.


there goes that compliment.

i laughed.

it felt more right.
and it just made me laugh and remember those days.
i really was awfully goofy.

then he proceeded to tell me that she's actually german and did i have
any german blood in me.

yep. my dad's side was german.

so then he writes back and says she could be my grand-niece.

yeah. grand niece.
he actually said that.


not niece.

oh no.

grand niece.

any hint of a compliment went out the door.
there will now be threats of pummeling him next time i see him if he
opens his mouth one more time on this subject!

i'm sitting here laughing.
and shaking my head.

what can ya do?
and why is it so many compliments it looks like i'm gonna get from the male
species turn this way?? never mind. don't answer that!!  laughing.......and headin' for
my female friends......

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