Tuesday, June 12, 2012

some good clarissa stuff...

a friend gifted me with a clarissa recording for my birthday.
my gosh, am i loving it....

it's 'mother night' by clarissa pinkola estes.

i'm a huge clarissa fan.
i get lost just in her voice....let alone what she's saying!

so many of the things she says knock my socks off.
but it's audio so they get by me and i can't retain them enough to
share them here.

but this morning i jotted notes down!
but still.....i have it all jumbled.

but i'm sharing anyway.....cause jumbled doesn't stop me.

she told several stories and then kinda summed them up with a sort of
a list -

i jotted that down.

- you are made of immaculate love.
(i actually looked up 'immaculate' as i'm just kinda stuck with past
phrases and wanted to see what it really meant - pure and perfect)

so okay, that one right there is enough for me to sit on for a week.
i love that. you are made of perfect love.
if you just hold that, it kinda affects your day, doesn't it???

- you have a knowing that no one can take away from you. (even if
they call you names and question you and all that stuff) (i like this cause
she mentioned how you may not know how you know......you just know
you know. sound familiar?)

-you have a form of detachment that is actually freeing your energy
to move forward.  (this one i need to access a whole lot more!!)

- you have a unity with something greater than yourself.

- bewilderments come your way (she's not kidding!!) but you keep
moving and you keep going. (and she reminds us to ask others to
help with our bewiderments)

and the final one i got that just toppled me - your north star that never
moves - that came with you. it's inside of you.
i love that.
specially with the 'stars inside you' kinda theme i like to play with....
(that's me falling over. and over. and over.)

and somewhere in all this she quoted someone, and i forgot who
but i didn't forget the quote -

"practice resurrection."

over and over again we rebuild ourselves.

i really think we should learn that concept way early on.
life isn't about staying the same, nothing changing, white picket fences -
it doesn't work that way....and i'm thinking ultimately we wouldn't want it to.

over and over we must rebuild ourselves.

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