Wednesday, June 27, 2012

a song that feels like a prayer to me

i've been meaning to share a song here.

i haven't because i just wasn't sure how to.
i've found it on youtube, that's no problem.
(what ISN'T on youtube??)

it's just that the vid that goes with it may be a bit
distracting when you first hear it.

i actually like the video.
but i heard the song first.
about a thousand times.

so i could do my own thing in my mind with it.
and this song is so perfect for that.

so what i finally decided was that i'd share the youtube link,
and just put out there that if i ran the world, i'd tell
anyone who goes to check it out, listen first....just listen....
soak it in on your own without the extra stuff.
then watch the video after that if you're so inclined.

i was doing some art stuff the other nite.
just tryin' to get centered and this song came on.
when she started singing about how she needs love to sail
across the water, i swear i just stopped and closed my eyes.

it's so much like a prayer to me.
and when i'm feelin' in need of some help,
this song is a perfect prayer for then.

i heard it again yesterday.
same deal.
i gotta stop and just kinda hold it, and pray right along with it.

if you have the time and inclination, go check out out jane siberry's
'sail across the water.'
(and maybe just close your eyes and listen first)

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