Monday, July 30, 2012

a really cool visit

we were there to meet up with one of josh's friends and his family.
two brothers and their mom were gonna meet up with these three
brothers and this mom.

i hadn't seen josh's friend in years and was just commenting on how
i'm not sure i'd even recognize him when i saw him get up from the
table in the back and i grinned. i recognized him right away.

i knew it was gonna be good the minute they all got up and headed our
way to give us hugs.

there we stood, right in the middle of everything hugging each other.

i have to remember that -
i would have waited back at the table to give some hugs....
and i tell ya, this walking right up to us made all the difference in the world.

they had picked just the right table and we gathered around it.
five young men and their mamas.

i loved every single one of them instantly.

it had been a long rough week.

to be sitting around this table with this positive energy zinging all
around it felt so darn good. i sat there and soaked it in.

i don't remember ever sitting with such a tight knit family before.
the love between them was so darn gorgeous. the brothers were
going to start working together. one is already well on his way with
his career and he's now going to include his younger brother right on in.

the younger brother adored the older brother. that was obvious.
the older brother put his arm around the younger brother at one point.
and the love between them just lit up the place.

the mom was telling me about something one of the guys did that was
just incredible. 'it's not because i'm his mom, i'm saying this.' she said.
and i laughed. she sounded like me.

there was sharing and laughing and a whole whole lot of technical talk.
and thru it all i felt nothing but kindness, love, support, caring, interest,
and goodness.

i honestly don't think i've ever experienced a visit like that before.
i've sat around plenty of tables where there was good energy.
but i don't think i've ever experienced a time where the dynamics were
so similar.

it was one of the most beautiful reminders i've ever had of what a gift
my family is to me. and how incredibly healing that loving energy is
to be around.

it's that gratitude that i'm holding on to this morning and treasuring......

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AkasaWolfSong said...

That is one beautiful, wondrous treasure!!! :)

Lovin' Ya Woman!