Tuesday, July 17, 2012

just what i needed.....

a lot of my friends and people i know walk around saying 
'everything happens for a reason.' or 'everything happens as it should.'

i used to walk around saying that too. and i'd nod in agreement
when i heard it.

and then somewhere along the line i couldn't do it anymore.
i stopped buying it. 

i just read a line that at first made my eyebrows go up in discomfort.
cause it reminded me too much of those lines that i don't believe anymore.
but as i sat with it, i realized it was different. yet i still may need to tweak
it a bit.

it's quoted in the book 'further along the road less traveled' and it comes
from donald nichol - 'we cannot lose once we realize that everything
that happens to us has been designed to teach us holiness.'

right now i have trouble with the 'has been designed' part. that may
change, but for now it doesn't work for me but the main gist of that
thought does wonders for me.

so i tweak it.. and i get this -

everything that happens to us can teach us holiness.


i totally love that.

THAT'S the line i want to carry around with me and remember.
thought it was definitely worth sharing...

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