Wednesday, July 18, 2012

there really is a point...

okay, this is gonna sound like a pointless blog...
but it really does have a point.

i've been nesting.
trying to make my home more my home as i prepare for the guys
to move out.

so on cleaning day last week, i looked at these grimy ol' plastic
liquid soap dispensers i have and decided i wanted something pretty.

keep in mind that the nesting has coincided with the need to tighten the
budgeting belt even a bit tighter. which probably is a good thing as i'd
be buying things right and left if i could and budgeting actually does keep 
things more creative around here.

so the first thing i did was get online to look for some handmade things.
okay, figuring out that wasn't gonna work with the budget, i started thinking
about making my own.

even that can get outta hand with the budget. so i put it on hold. figured
maybe i'd just live with the grimy ol' plastic things.

and then, having a few extra minutes before a meet-up last nite,
 i ran into michaels to see what they might have.

and sure enough i found a couple pretty glass bottles with corks in them
that would be perfect. just a few bucks and i had what i wanted!

after the meet up, as i hung around the kitchen table talkin' to the guys,
i grabbed a knife and started carving out the cork to make room for the
soap pump to slip into.

i think it was driving noah crazy as he finally got up, got his knife, reached
over and grabbed the cork and set to work.  in a matter of moments, the
corks were sitting there with the soap pumpy things in them, on top of bottles
filled with soap. and they looked awesome!

this morning, as i walked thru my kitchen, i went over to look at them and smiled.
i just so smiled.

i love pretty things.
i love my surroundings filled with pretty things.
(not expensive......just pretty........there's a difference.)

it matters so much to me.

and THAT'S the part of the blog that has a point.....
it matters to me a lot - the feeling good about my home.
and yet, i saw a limitation that i didn't know how to get by
and i figured i'd just live with what i had.
i was so willing to let it go.

and yet, that was the point of wanting to replace the things in
the first place. why did i have the ugly plastic things in the first place?
cause i didn't see a way to have the pretty things. and so i just let
that go. i just lived with them.

and when i wanted to change that, admit it mattered to me, grab what
felt right.....i was ready NOT to when i hit my first couple of hurdles.
and honestly, if there's one thing i've learned about budgeting it's this -
my creativity thrives where there's a budget.

why wouldn't i focus on that and insist instead of figuring it'd be okay to
'just live with it.'

i think it's because of this - i've set this burden on myself saying that budgeting
limits me.

instead of seeing the creative push it provides and saying 'budgeting urges on
my creative spirit.'

that's a big big difference in view points.
that's a life changing difference in view points.

and THAT'S the point here.
how the heck many times do we live with view points that are totally
limiting us and stopping us from getting what we really want?

it can't just be's gotta be all kindsa things.........
and when you stop and think about that, isn't that pretty darn exciting?
where are we feeling stuck?
where did we just settle and say 'this is good enough.'

i'm gonna be goin' back to those spots as best i can today and seeing what
kinda view point i've been working from.

seems like there's a whole lotta opportunity here!


Anonymous said...

Thank you for giving me this different perspective on budgets and budgeting. Thank you for reminding me to stop and look for a different way of viewing ... WHATEVER!

This has perfect timing for me today...

Sherry said...

this is a wonderful reminder of the facts that life is what we make it and attitude is everything. Thank you for this!

Dan McGaffin said...

I really loved your point:

"i think it's because of this - i've set this burden on myself saying that budgeting
limits me.

instead of seeing the creative push it provides and saying 'budgeting urges on
my creative spirit.'"

I think sometimes we see our mountain to climb and put aside the things that make us flourish or make us feel alive. Even little things can make a difference.

terri said...

thanks you guys. glad it hit right. and dan, i think you're so was such a little thing that really showed me!!!