Monday, July 16, 2012

landing back in

there was the gift of the candlelight vigil we just happened to walk by.

it was was for a persecuted people in was a group
of people that had such an air of peace about them. lighting candles while the
music played out into the warm summer nite.

lighting up the darkness, the power of that peace just surrounded me.

it hit me deep. i had read a pamphlet they were passing out about it. the horrors
that people faced for practicing something so peaceful. i stood there thinking of
the peacefulness here in face of persecution and i was so moved. josh walked up
to me, equally as moved quietly talking to me about how striking it was to watch
this and how 'you can't stop an idea.'

i coulda stood there all nite.

there was the curling in with my partner where everything was still, i felt safe,
and i could just let all the feelings that had been tugging on me go. i could
just be safe for a little bit.

there was the laughter in the car that got the 'i never saw mom laugh so hard' rating.
sitting in a parking lot outta town, outta state, in the heat, laughing with complete
and total glee.

and there was the squirting my son with the hose to finish off the evening. and the
doubling over laughing as he let out the screams that reminded me of the little boy
playing in the hose so many years ago.

those are the highlights of my break. it's been a full break for me. one i needed really badly.
there were other moments.......some equally as fun or moving, some hard and not so fun.
all of them perfect.

all of them perfect.
even the not so fun ones.

i feel like i've remembered things i was forgetting, got reminded of where i want to
go, and got fueled up to step back in.

a perfect way to land back into another week.

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