Thursday, August 23, 2012

a bit of a wild morning

i just took the post down that said bone sigh arts was off line because we're
back up!!!

the story is too priceless not to share!

i was typing this blog this morning when zakk came down letting
me know he was hopping in the shower. (we only have one bathroom
so this is a nice courtesy for anyone else in the house.) (the funny thing
here is more often than not he doesn't let me know...but this morning he did.)
(and now he may never do that again!)

as he was walking away, i tried to pop over to our website to grab the quote
i was putting at the end of the blog.

and there was no website.

i heard noah's voice, and i heard zakk close the bathroom door.

STOP HIM! i yelled real loud!

i heard noah stop him, and zakk come out.
i heard noah tell him he had no idea why, but he had to be stopped.

i grinned.
and then told him about the site.

we'll have server problems here and there so it's no big deal.
i just need to make sure he gets it up right away if he can.

especially right now as we're starting some ads that list our site.

i move on to facebook while he's checking that, and noah comes down
kinda serious and thinks maybe we didn't renew our domain.

uh oh.

my credit card date had expired and changed so i figured that coulda messed
us up.

uh oh.

i gave noah the passwords to all the stuff he needed and went back to fb.
a friend is way sick and i wanted to get some light wrapping around her.
i was working on a request for that.

he came down again and together we found the renewal letter in an old email

sure enough.
we didn't renew.
we were toast.

so we did all the scrambling......notes to the place, renewal as fast as we could -
twice........anything. just get us back up. i was typing as fast as i could.
renewing as fast as i could.

noah went away again.

i went back to fb.
i wanted to let people know we were down.

of all days, fb was acting totally screwy and i couldn't see some of my posts,
most of the comments would disappear. things would show up and then leave.
it totally added to the crazed flavor around here.

as that was going on,  noah and zakk came down together and sat down.

uh oh.

guaranteed that's NEVER a good sign.

they wanted to make sure i understood what was happening.
oh yeah, i got it, i said and laughed and groaned and rubbed my face.

they then mentioned that someone may grab the domain and try to sell it back to me.
my eyes got big.

you mean for thousands and thousands of dollars?????
well........maybe hundreds and hundreds, they told me.

well, that's not nice. they can't do that. i'd tell them that they don't know what
they're doing and they can't do that........

and then i leaned over, put my head between my knees and screamed and laughed.
and said 'OH MY GOSH' over and over and over again.

and then i looked at them 'i have NO idea when that ad is coming out' i told them.
and i screamed and laughed like a maniac and rubbed my hair into a wild einstein look.

we have this really big deal ad we're doing..........and all i could think of was 'what if
it's today??? what if that goes out today???"

and then i wrote the group i just did the ad with - it went something like this -

'i have a riddle for you....
who spends all the money they have on a really big ad with their website
listed on it and then lets the site expire???'
please please please tell me the ad didn't go out yesterday!'


turns out my business email wouldn't go thru.
nothing worked.

even facebook was playing with me.

for some reason running my hands thru my hair in a maniac way relieves
stress........i did a bit of that and decided i should go run that errand i needed
to run since it would be dead quiet. (and yeah, i forgot to brush my hair
before i left!!)

as i walked out to the car, i thought of my sick friend.
it put EVERYTHING in perspective.
i knew i knew i knew it could be a really big deal and a really big problem
for me business-wise. and i also knew that didn't matter.

i'm healthy and i need to be okay about this other stuff.

so i laughed some more.
i genuinely laughed.
cause it's genuinely funny.
and i ran my errand.
and while i drove i looked at the sky and the road and
the people and i was so glad to be a part of it all.

i thought about how i needed to be more present in my life
and just really appreciate being here.

noah called during all this.

i answered laughing and told him i could handle any bad news cause
i understand what matters in life. and i joked with him and asked him
what was up.

we are! our site was back up and runnin!

WHAT a morning.
and! just so you know......the really big ad?
it doesn't go out for a few weeks yet.


can't even begin to tell you how pretty the day looks now!


Zenchick said...

your offering of your own foibles....with the lessons that you just keep finding over and over, are as true an inspiration as it gets! thank you.
(and glad the site is back up :-))

AkasaWolfSong said...

Answered Prayer!!! I love it! :)

(((Big Hugs)))

terri said...

thanks, akasa! you prolly made it happen!!! thanks ms. zenchick!

Dan McGaffin said...

So glad things worked out. For Christmas I think I'll get you a REALLY big calendar with the date for renewal in flashing lights.