Thursday, August 30, 2012

an inspiration

i could go on forever about stevie.
how he's the person who made me want to wake up to passion,
how he spoke to me thru some of the hardest times ever,
how watching him open to something beyond him inspired the daylights outta me.

truly one of the most powerful influences of my life,
i've been thinking of him this week.
he died this week years and years ago.

he spent a lotta time addicted to drugs,
and then cleaned up and became sober
and worked hard at spreading love.

totally one of my all time heroes.

his song, 'aint gone give up on love' is one of my favorites.
i grabbed some time to sit with him and watch and listen.
that guitar can just rip my heart out and hit things no one
else seems able to touch.

i wanted to post him sometime this week,
to remember him, to honor him, to thank him........

want a little stevie fix?
here's just one of zillions.......

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