Friday, August 31, 2012

one rockin' good tidbit!

okay, you know i have to do the 'god' disclaimer.
this starts out with god.....just do whatever works for you there,
you know that. but still feel like i need to say it.

thought this was too good not to share!

it's from 'facing the lion, being the lion' by mark nepo.

'All this has led me to view God as the sculptor and experience
as His chisel. And try as we might to shape the things around us,
it is we who are being sculpted. Since my eyes have been chipped
open, I see things differently. Often the instruments of change
are not kind or just, and the hardest openness of all might be to
embrace the change while not wasting our heart fighting the
instrument. The storm is not as important as the path it opens,
the mistreatment in our life never as crucial as the clearing it
makes in our heart. This is very difficult to accept. The hammer
or cruel one is always short lived compared to the jewel in the
center of the stone.'

do you think this is too long to tattoo on my forehead??? maybe
my arm??? gosh, i loved this.