Friday, August 17, 2012

so cool

i'm pretty sure i posted the story when i figured it out.
but it's one worth repeating......and there's a reason...

years and years ago, i was claiming my room for myself
and really trying to make it mine. after splitting up, it sort
of had an inbetween feeling. i wanted it to be mine.

i got on a site that has a gazillion artists......i mean, a gazillion.
and i searched thru a million gazillion prints not knowing what i wanted,
but sure i'd know it when i found it. (the site is called redbubble
and it's a wonderful site to check out!)

sure enough.
i found it.
ordered it.
dropped the artist a note.
told him how much i loved it, how i knew it when i saw it.
and thanked him.

the artist wrote a note back, thanking me. my note to him gave
him some encouragement he really needed and helped nudge him
in a way he needed.

years pass.

meanwhile, my son, noah, had been more and more active on
the photorgraphy sites. one of the photographers he met became
an online friend. a guy from australia.

they've been friends for years. he's a household name here.
eventually i friended him on facebook and would comment here
and there with him. he had a pretty amazing story, having made it
thru one heck of a dark time. one day i wrote him and asked
him for more of his story. we shared some good notes.
he's totally inspiring.

so one day on face book, i do a shout out for anyone who's an
artist over at the red bubble site. tell them i'll share their links on facebook.
several people pop their links over, including noah's friend here,

i list the links and go over to check everyone's work out.
and as i'm browsing thru andrew's stuff, i see the print i had
ordered YEARS AGO!!!!!!! the one hanging in my room!!!

i can't believe it. i am stunned.
it was andrew?!!!! noahs's buddy???????
out of five million gazillion artists i picked him and didn't know it??????
and all these years he's been a household name and we didn't know???

when i write him and tell him, he's equally as stunned.
and he tells me he still remembers my note and how it came at a pivotal
time for him! and he's as blown away as i am.

it's a great story and we love it.

but there's more........
he's here right now!
sleeping at this point.

he came from australia! he was touring around and wanted to stop
and see noah.

and there's something just completely magical about the whole deal.
the excitement about this guy coming has been great.
i have been thrilled he's staying.
which is odd in itself as we don't have any room here, there's no ac
here for him, it's in the middle of the's just not an ideal
set up..........and feels perfect.

it honestly feels like he's part of the family.
last nite as we had dinner with him, it was so easy and so fun.

he feels like he's a part of the family that was missing and we found.

how often do you get to say that????

honestly, i never felt this way before.

they'll be doing all the touring and guy things.......
but i get to have a day with them all.
talk about a gift.

a mysterious beautiful gift.

there is something so magical about this.
and it reminds me of all the funky cool magical things in our lives.
we just so gotta pay attention.

and to think i may never have known if i didn't do that shout out
for artists.......

reaching out, caring, paying attention.........those things matter.
how cool is that?!


Merry ME said...

pretty darn cool.

Susie Keeth said...

Wow Ter! You just made my heart smile largely. You have confirmed, yet again, the Sacred connections that are out there for all of us... waiting for just the right moments to spark our remembering and show us how we aren't living in a linear time line, but are all connected as one through the spiral. That fact gives me hope that all of our paths come back around and bring us to the souls we have known and miss. That is so cool.