Monday, August 20, 2012

a car ride home

it was during the drive home.
it was late, dark, cozy.

the day had been magnificent.
never have we had anyone fit in so well with our family.
every single one of us was as comfortable with him as if
we had grown up with him.

how odd to think he had flown all the way around the world
to be sitting in our car.

there had been laughter, serious talk, goofin, and just enjoyment.

and now as we traveled down the highway, with the lights in the
night, the conversation wrapped around the inside of the car with
such beauty that my heart couldn't stop smiling.

i honestly thought 'this is what all the work has been for. this is the
reward for all the efforts. this is what a mom shoots for.'

i listened to my sons supporting each other and their friend.
it wasn't a conversation about just one of them. everyone got a turn.
naturally. it just kinda flowed to the next one and then the next.
and everyone spoke of their passions and what was underneath them.

and when one spoke, everyone else listened and then supported and
shared their thoughts of that person's gifts.

these are guys we're talkin' about.
brothers and a guy they had really just met the nite before.
and the talking from the heart just poured out.
no one would have believed it.
and it couldn't have happened with anyone else there witnessing.
and yet......i got to see it.
and i knew what i was seeing was so incredible.

there's something about a car at nite.
talking in a car at nite.
there's something about this group.
there was something about that day.

and i got to be in it.........i got to live it.

talk about gratitude.
when i'm having a tough day,i'm gonna pull out this memory
and hold it. because it fills me with gratitude and reminds me
that life is worth the work.

it is sooo worth it.

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