Tuesday, September 11, 2012

just a few minor goals!

a friend sent this to me in the mail yesterday.
snail mail.
so i actually had this in my hands.
and it totally grabbed me.
i have never read it before.

here, in one heck of a gorgeous quote, is a great list of
things to strive for! and who knew? it turns out it's to be a goddess!!

The goddess is in my thinking, is the movement of the spiral.
Like so many things in nature (plants, the seasons, the moon) 
The goddess moves in the darkness as much as in the light.

She lives in the present and evaluates the moment.
What is right today may be wrong tomorrow.
She lives by the spirit, not by the law.
She demands constant awareness and spontaneity.

She loves the potential in things; the possibilities
In the growing plant, the growing child, 
The growing hopes and dreams.
She trusts life; trusts change, trusts love
And holds nothing static.

She loves and let’s go.
She loves with her whole being.
So that vulnerability becomes her greatest strength.

What for those who do not love her is contradiction,
For those who do love her becomes paradox.

that's from carl jung.

i gotta tell ya tho.......i honestly don't understand those last two lines!!
i'm gonna go post this on facebook and ask someone to explain it to me!
cause i want to know!!

what an incredible description..........
what an incredible thing to strive for!


Sherry said...

um..wowsers...yes...brilliant!! where did he write that? is there a book title?

Sherry said...

oh hey Terri...

I was trying to find out more about this quote and saw it being attributed to Marion Woodman in the book "Addicted to perfection." I've seen the quote attributed to both..I wonder who actually said it...

terri said...

sherry, i'm leaning towards marion woodman.....but who can tell?? :)

someone just sent it to me. i have no idea where they found it! i love it tho no matter who wrote it!

Anonymous said...

and did you figure out the last 2 lines?

terri said...

someone explained it to me, ms. illuminary! i want to clip his whole explanation here, but he'd prolly kill me. but yes, i DID get it! with the help of a friend!!