Thursday, September 27, 2012

on my mind...

she had come thru and ordered a bone sigh.
no special note or response to my saying i got the order.
she was just one of the quiet ones.

as i pulled out the print, i read it.
hmmmmm.........think i need that one right now, i thought.
i found a damaged one i had laying around the studio
and tacked it up on my bulletin board.

i wrapped hers up and sent it off.

after she received it, she wrote me.

she had lost her son three years ago, and now is watching someone
she loves battle cancer. and she knows that life is a gift and that the
moments count and that we need to 'dance in the rain.'

i read her short note and was filled with her spirit.

i wrote her back.
and as i did so, i could feel the tears well up in my eyes.

i told her that what she had experienced could have made her bitter.
and the fact that she was reaching out like she was, and that she
wanted to dance in the rain showed me so much about her spirit.

and i wanted her to know i saw that.
i saw she had a beautiful spirit.

she wrote back about seeing my spirit in the package i sent her.
and that's why she wrote.

how amazing is that?
that who we are can show up just like that?
and reaching out in small emails can matter so much.

cause it so mattered to me.
when i sat down with my guy last nite, i told him about her
and said 'she was my highlight of the day.' and my eyes teared
up yet again as i told him.

i have thought of her ever since i got her note.
she's been on my mind.
and i have thought of our choices in how we choose to live.
and i've thought of that quote that she bought........

"to lose myself in the dance so much so
that love will entangle 
my bones in ins roots,
courage will embrace the ashes
and wisdom will understand
that it's all part of the dance.
this is mine for the taking.
i pray my hands will grasp it,
my heart will open to it,
and i will know that i am the dance."

it's up to us, isn't it?
and when i watch people dance even with the sorrow....
i am always so moved.


Susie Keeth said...

It truly is a Sacred recognition,isn't it?

Anonymous said...

there are so many whose life intersect our own, and leave us forever humbled and awed.
thats the good stuff, the reminders that life finds away, and good people are out there...
right there with you on this one...