Friday, September 28, 2012

life cycles and standing in trust

the darn cycles of life and living were on my mind big time last nite.

i had been thinking of friends that came in my life and left my life.
that had been on my mind yesterday.

then last nite two different conversations i had with friends had me thinking.
when i lay down to go to sleep i remembered the phrase from clarissa's writings.......
well......she had the spanish for it and i don't remember that at all.....
but it was something for the life death life cycle.

life death life

that's what i remembered as i curled in to fall asleep.

life death life.

then this morning i saw our quote of the day -

it's called 'her circle'

'some believed in her.
others did not.
she joined the circle of believers
and rejoiced with them.'

that's a big little bone sigh.
a lotta inner work went into that one.
and it definitely holds the life death life cycle.

we gotta let things go.
we gotta let things fade away and die.
and yet, for me anyway, there's so much struggle in that.
i forget the life afterwards part.

it's hard to believe in something you've never seen.

thing is.........we may not know what's ahead........and that part
can't be seen. but the part that CAN be seen is this process,
this cycle, that happens over and over and over and over again in our lives.

i'm just starting to put that together.
where i can see a death part coming into my life and know that it's part of the process.
i'm JUST beginning to get that.

and i'm just starting to understand that where i need to step then is into trust.

a trust in the process.
and a trust in myself.

two really powerful places to stand.

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Jymi said...

Right on time... I needed that today. Thank you! Much love...