Tuesday, October 16, 2012

payin' attention

the other day i read something about listening to your body.

i do that kinda thing.
but you know, we can always grow and get better at stuff.
i'd like to really really get in tune with my body.

so i thought i'd start trying to pay more attention.

yesterday ended up to be a stressful day.
i was wound pretty tight by the time i landed at his place for dinner.
and i was glad to leave everything behind and just hang out.

seems we both had some stress goin' on.
i tuned into his.
happy to leave mine behind.

but later that nite i couldn't sleep.
various reasons.
but i could feel the uptight inside of me.

i've been pushin' way hard.
and i think it's catchin' up to me.

so i'm listening.
and i'm paying attention.

and then i walked outside this morning when it was still dark.

and spontaneously, without a thought given,
my knees bent low, my arms went out to my sides and
i gasped and said out loud 'ohhhh WOW!'

i had seen the stars.

it was SUCH a clear morning.
and the stars were SO bright.

and my entire body reacted.
totally totally reacted.

i noticed and laughed.

it's obvious.
something's really really missing in my life right now.


i'm thinking this paying attention stuff may be a really good thing
for me! my body can be a drama queen at times. which will be
good to pay attention to!

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