Tuesday, October 9, 2012

she made it!

i posted here - probably a couple of times -
about my friend, lynn's, kickstarter project.

she was raising money to make a new album.
and yesterday was the last day and she made it!

for anyone here who donated, thank you so much.
she truly is an artist worth supporting.
and we supported her!!!

loud thunderous applause here!!!

it is the same lynn i mention in the magic post just below here.

she actually reached her goal the same day we heard her playing
around the fire (see post below). yesterday was the finishing up day,
and she actually went BEYOND her original goal!

so the day of the fire, we were celebrating her as well.
i sat across from the fire watching her.
i love her so much.

she has a gentleness and a strength that mix together beautifully.
you can hear it in her voice.

what a gift to have her joining us on one of the biggest days ever for her!

i watched her and listened to her and rejoiced with her.

her and i have history.
in telling someone that day how long we knew each other,
i realized it had been about 20 years!

i had no idea it was that long.

it's a precious thing, isn't it?
to be able to put your arm around a friend and laugh
and say 'do you remember when?'
or to groan or to tear up over the memories.
and then the next moment to talk about the dreams yet to come.

that's one of the most beautiful gifts of life.

today i'm celebrating lynn's success and the gift that she is to me,
and that she is to all who hear her!

and! i'm celebrating people gathering together to help another
make their dream come true.

honestly, how cool is that?!
here's to all of us!

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