Friday, November 23, 2012

best meal ever!

there we all were, cookin' together.
in my kitchen.
squeezin' around each other,
stealing each other's knives (okay, maybe it was me who stole zakk's)
buttin' in at the sink.
slicing, snitchin', and sippin.
and makin' the best tastin' meal i ever had.

and the food felt like abundance to me.
the table felt like some kinda center of some sort of
incredible loving hub.

i sipped outta those wonderfully festive glasses that were my
sister in law's. i couldn't touch them without thinking of how
precious life was. they were such a reminder.

josh did our form of a grace.
and he said something that just really touched in on me.
it's been a hard year for money.
and he mentioned it.
and said even tho we sometimes wished we had more,
we had so much to be grateful for.

i nodded and looked around me.
how odd that all that struggle felt so far away right then.
how amazing that i could sit there and feel like the richest person
on the planet, when just days before i struggled with the numbers.
but i did.
and i was glad he mentioned it.
it felt like he honored my/our struggle with that sentence,
and yet acknowledged that it didnt matter as we sat around
that table. that the abundance was clear. and gratitude was right.

finances were put in perspective with josh's grace.
gratitude washed away fears and worry.
life was cherished while sipping from janene's glasses.
abundance was tasted with every bite of food.
and love filled me with every glance around the table.

what a powerful holiday it really is.
a day to just stop and pay attention, and put life in perspective,
and to truly honor gratitude.

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Dan McGaffin said...

What a great group of guys you have. You are one lucky lady St. Cloud.