Thursday, November 8, 2012


i had slept great, gotten plenty of rest.
yeah, i'd been workin' really hard, and yeah i kept thinking of my guy
and his health, and yeah, i had been barely touching the caffeine,
but nahhh wasn't enough to explain how beat i was.

i was wicked beat.

like ready to go back to bed beat.
and i had just gotten up.

so then i did something really really cool.

as i was workin' on some mindless stuff in the studio, i asked myself why.
i asked myself what was going on.
why so tired, ter??

and i got some answers.

and yeah, wasn't a lack of sleep.
was a tangle of emotions.

that is so cool.
i tell ya, i can get my sleepiest when my emotions are tangled.

and right there, as soon as i asked, i answered.

and then! i said 'okay, what'll we do about it?'

and yep!
the answers came.
right away i knew i needed some exercise.
the whole exercise schedule has been outta whack this week.
and i knew that going outside for a walk was really what i needed.

i knew eating something healthy and light was what i needed to do for lunch.

i knew i had to work on things that centered me.

i knew i had to put my thoughts on good stuff.

i knew what to do.
and i was so cool about doin' it.

it wasn't just a list i pulled out like 'do this when you dont' feel good.'
it was like my insides were talkin' to me.

i had thought of something i wanted for lunch, and a voice inside said
nah, you don't want that. it'll make you sleepy. eat this. it'll help.

that kinda thing.

i'm posting this cause really this is not usual for me to do.
and what amazed me was i felt so much better all day.
the dead tired stuff went away.

that's absolutely amazing to me.

our insides really do know what's goin' on.
i so want to learn to listen more.

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