Friday, November 9, 2012

weekend food for thought was so cool to catch it when it happened.

i was thinking of someone who hurt my feelings.
someone i like and admire.

so i was thinking of that when, i swear, going right thru my head
was this sentence - 'maybe you didn't do ______ good enough.'
(the blank doesn't can fill in whatever you like)

and bam!
the SECOND i thought it, i heard it.

i was blaming me for them hurting my feelings.

and i stopped and went 'wow'.....'you gotta be kidding me, terri'

i haven't done anything wrong.
and there i was just figuring i did or this wouldn't have happened.'t true.

i'm not exactly sure why it happened, but it didn't happen because
i wasn't good enough at this or that.

how many times do we do that to ourselves???
gosh, i bet i do it a ton.
but here's the kicker! i heard it the moment i said it!

and then here's the other kicker....there really doesn't have
to be ANY blame. it just happened.

i wanted to put that out there for the weekend.
thought maybe it'd be a good thing for us to watch thruout the weekend.
what are the chances that blaming ourselves for something that we
don't need to blame ourselves for runs thru our heads at least once?
what are the chances we'll catch it and know it's false?
what are the chances we'll leave the blame behind all around?

weekend food for thought.

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