Sunday, November 4, 2012

mary and her light AND her quilt!

i've been doin' some strugglin' the last few days.....
i'll get some thoughts together and write something later.....

but when i struggle, there always seems to be some amazing people
that come thru with things that remind me of light and goodness and
things i need reminded of.

mary has always been a light for me.
and here she is doin' something really really awesome!
and while i'm gonna donate just cause it's a good thing to do and i care.......
i want a chance at her quilt!

you gotta check out this deal! and more importantly......this woman and her heart!

click right here to warm your heart!


Merry ME said...

Hey Ter,
Thanks for all you do to lift me and others up. If I'm a light, you're one of those swirling beacons in a parking lot advertising tires!
Love you.

terri said...

lol! well, ms. mar, i don't even know what to say! lol! made me laugh out loud! :)

Anonymous said...

she is the very brightest light!